Free Skin by MONS – Group Gift – Jelana Skin Black Beauty

Free Skin - Group Gift

I can’t stress that enough: 42 groups options only in SL is just NOT ENOUGH! *grins* At least not when you’re into fashion and like to keep uptodate – or receive nice group gifts. ^^

This skin was just now passed out by MONS and looks just too cute. A great group freebie for all loving it a bit on the darker individual side. The skin is called “Jelana – Black Beauty” and comes with in mild soft medium teint color.

Group enrollment fee is L$100 only.
MONS Group: secondlife:///app/group/39e13201-b366-2536-bce4-b2f8cc9e82ab/about
To visit MONS inworld:

Free Skins by JStyLe Store – Group Gifts

JStyLe Store - Group Gift

When I first heard of JStyle I thought: “Yet another store with bad skins offered for a bargain.” It is NOT. Well, yes – the bargain part is true, but not the bad skins part!
JStyle does not only sell skins for an incredible reasonable price – it also has lots of free group gift skins out there – for men and women!

If in need of a skin – go there and drag your boyfriend along with you!

JStyLe Store - Group Gift
JStyLe Store - Group Gift

Free Skin by Curvalicious – Group Gift

Curvalicious - Group Gift

Don’t go around Second Life and complain that you look like crap because you can’t afford a decent skin! There are loads of options for women (and some for men) to pick up free or almost free stuff – and yes, that also includes great skins!
This skin is is the current group gift by Curvalicious! and its just pretty. I like the the makeup and the silky touch to the skin. Its a skin that you can wear on any occasion really.
The name of the free group gift is: !Curvalicious Skins Group Gift 2.

You will find it directly in the store. Make sure to wear your group tag when you hit the vendor. Joining group will cost ya, but !Curvalicious gives out a high class group gift skin quaterly. So this should very well repay all of us by large!

To visit the store inworld:

To join group (350 Linden to join):

Free Skin by Heartsick – Exclusive Group Gift

Heartsick - Group Gift

Not heard of Heartsick yet? Well then listen up! :-)
Heartsick creates in all varieties and colors – yes, even mystical creature colors and those look just stunning (at least on my shape ;-)).
The current group gift was passed as group notice. So make sure to join group fast and check the past noticed as soon as you can.

The group gift skin is called: “HS Chloe : Without You GG”.
It looks a little sad with the tears running down but also very beautiful at the same time. The skin comes in 3 different colors (very light, medium and dark) and with different levels of cleavage.

Heartsick - Group Gift

To visit the store inworld:

To join Heartsick Group (10 Linden Fee):

Free Skin – Al Vulo Group Gift June

Al Vulo - Group Gift June

If you’re not yet a member of Al Vulo you should really consider becomming one! Every month Al Vulo releases a free group gift skin and all have been beautiful so far. Sometimes with a little edge to it and sometimes just classic beauties as this months free group skin.

The June free skin is called “al vulo- baba2 * natural reddish beauty” and has a rather young innocent touch to it. The soft nude lips are formed beautifully and the skin is – as it should be for red heads – very light. The skin comes with a red hairbase integrated so make sure, that ur hair covers that if you color of choice should not be red. :-)

To visit the Store inworld:

To join the Al Vulo group (Free to join):

Glam Affair: Free Skin (Mary) – Group Gift

Free Skin - Glam Affair Group Gift - Mary (Green)

Not yet a member of -Glam Affair-? Then it’s really time to join the group! Enrollment fee is 30 Linden but its worts every single Linden. Just in time for St. Patricks day Glam Affair has its new skin Mary as Group Gift. Either check group notices or pick it up at the TP area of the mainstore.
The group gift contains the green make up – but in all skin colors and brow shades. So you get to choose which skin tone is right for you and how dark you want your eye brows to be.

A lovely group gift!

Free Skins at Rockberry

Free Skins @ Rockberry

Ladies, you need to move fast, if you want to get these skins. Rockberry participated in two hunts at the end of last year and though the hunts are over the hunt gifts are still out – but for how much longer?
TP by Rockberry and make sure you get them before they are gone.

Freebies at Vanity Skin Fair 2011


Ladies, the Vanity Skin Fair has started and it’s running til March 6th. Make sure you get a chance to run by and take a look around. Be warned though: The region is ususally full and lags like mad. So, be patient and take off everything (e.g. AOs, Hair and other attachments) you dont need. They won’t rez anyway and you’ll be grey to everyone else anyhow – so why bother adding to the lag? :-)
Curious what freebies to expect? Then continue reading! ^^